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The Rules. (2nd August)

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The Rules. (2nd August) Empty The Rules. (2nd August)

Post  Zane Truesdale on Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:32 pm

A. No Swearing
B. No Cussing
C. Please Do not Share personal infomation
D. Do not Spam the fourms/ Caht...
E. Only 1 (One) Account is permitted. If you are found using more, they will be deleted.
F. Do not Double-Post / Multi post. If you have something else to say, Edit your first post and put it there.
G. Stay On-Topic, if a title says Yugioh Duels, don't start something about Bakugan Brawls -_-
H. If a question has been answered in Help & FAQ, please don't answer it again, that just makes it confusing..
I.Roleplaying is permitted only in RP section, it is not permitted on the Chat in Anyway!
J. Please Do not speak any language other than English on the forums OR The Chat.... (Thanks)

Domino City,

1. It is Locked, because.. if we get enough users... we can hold a "Domino Torny" when this happens, all "Banned/limited cards" Will be Unlocked, meaning you may use them..


1. In a normal Duel, Each player gets 4000 Life Points.
2. In an exam duel, Each player will have 2500 LP.
3. in an exam duel, you CAN only use the exam duelest deck..
4. in a normal duel, you may use any deck you wish, but it must, and i mean must... Be Approved by me or "Yugi Moto" (or a chat mod..)


1. Each User Must Take An exam Each week/ or couple of days..
2. An exam duel, is valued 30%
3. An Bonus Question, is valued 5%
4. If you gain 100% you are a Obelisk. (and you pick a Mod/admin card... )
5. Gain Over 75% You are Ra
6. Gain Under 75% You are Slifer.

*Note, i do't know if we are going to use "Speed Duels" But if we are, make a Speed Deck just in case


1.No more than 500 Letters please...
2. No more than 3 Links, (Deck lists dont count) if you are found with more you will recive a warning.

Decks (Real)

1. If a user has a card you want / Dont like. please dont post : "Wow, I love that card. i really want it!!" or : "i really hate that card, it sucks!" If you are found doing this, you WILL be given a warning..

If i have mist anything, please tell me...
Zane Truesdale
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